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Learning all of the capabilities of Salesforce is a gigantic task and increases every day as there are 3 new releases every year on top of product acquisition. In theory then every organisation needs a full time Salesforce Systems Administrator to.

  • understand the impact of new relases
  • keep abreast of what’s possible
  • evaluate what’s applicable
  • implement what’s desirable
  • implement changes to reflect changes in the business

That’s all very well but acquiring/hiring and keeping those skills is time consuming and expensive. For small businesses this overhead is barely manageable and rarely affordable. How would you rate your employee if they are the only subject matter expert in the company? Fortunately there is help available

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"Consleague helped us navigate safely through the myriad of choices and options we were faced with. We saved thousands of pounds by choosing the right edition."

Director - Image processing company

"As a startup we knew what we wanted to do and wanted to deploy best-of-breed CRM. But we didn't have the time or the skills to be able to translate our vision into Salesforce technology.
Consleague did that very succesfully"

Owner Membership orgnisation

"Consleague had the same skills and experience as other bigger outfits but gave far better value for money"

Sales Director Manufacturing company

"We needed someone to take on our SF deployment and understand it intimately. Consleague did exactly that"

CRM manager - Media company

"We decided to outsource our Salesforce development and support. We wanted aggressive SLA's which to this day Consleague have met. I would give them a reference any time"

Partner Manager - Professional Services