Our customers

getting value from Salesforce PE or EE editionOur focus is on the mid-market – SMEs.  All of our customers are getting value from Salesforce PE or EE edition . In-line with Salesforce strategy of enabling small customers to have access to Enterprise class software, we offer the same for services. We have completed projects for many customers including Global organisations and very small outfits.

 Whilst there is less capability in PE edition it doesn't mean that you should settle for a second class implementation. Yet often (especially where people have self-implemented) we see companies hampered because they didn't have a clear understanding of what comes out of the box and how to use it.  It's small wonder that some people are wondering where the value is. We understand that being a small company means you have to run just to stand still. You cannot afford to waste time, money and effort on a solution that might not work. You need to operate with known costs and you don't have the wherewithal to dedicate people to manage your system.

 What did these customers do right that gave them a great return on their investment?

  • Project objectives. They had clarity on the what the objectives were, how CRM would help them achieve the objectives and how important each objective was.
  • Executive sponsorship.  Manage competing requirements and set clear business priorities. Motivate others -  in an SME the execs are generally involved in the project. If the executives don't consider the objectives important nobody else will.
  • User involvement. Whilst exec involvement is great you also need to bring the rest of the team on board. Share the vision and objectives.  Poor user adoption is often cited as the single biggest cause of CRM project failure.
  • Not same as. The new system wasn't a copy of the old system. The old system was recognised as being unfit for purpose and duplicating it in another technology would still leave it unfit for purpose. They made sure it would address the shortfalls of the old system and the current and future needs of the business.
  • They chose the right parter. One of the most important factors for an SME should be to understand how much focus and support you are likely to get from your CRM provider.  Will your business be important to them and will they go the extra mile to ensure you are successful?

Our reputation for flexibility and expertise is well understood and we offer the best value for money in the market. We want you to remain a customer, to do more, to innovate and be a great reference. We want you to use us for future phases and projects. That for us is why we commit to making your project a success.