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Get your App from concept to reality – 5 steps to market, become an Appreneur!

There are many examples of people who have developed a Salesforce Application which is now producing a monthly revenue stream.There are many times more examples of those that aren’t generating any revenue at all !

Step 1

Market research – analyse the top trending Apps. This market research will help construct Sales and Marketing plans as well as germinate the idea behind your App. Follow the trending apps in your category, sign up for them and use them. That way you will get a deep insight into what users want and enable you to spot similar traits and themes between these apps.

Step 2

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Don’t make the mistake of thinking your App has to be totally original – with features and capabilities that can’t be found elsewhere. Most innovations in reality are improvements on an existing concept, or re-assembling of other components.It’s often easier to assemble components than develop everything from the ground up and still produce a valuable app.

Step 3

Monetize your App. There are 3 obvious ways of doing this:

Premium People pay up-front before downloading your App. This is great for getting the money up-front but would put off many buyers, so consider offering a free trial so that users can evaluate exactly what they are paying for.

Freemium Let users download your App for free but with lesser capabilities than the full product. Once they have experienced and understood your App you can offer to upgrade them for a fee. This is a very attractive model for the conservative buyer.

Advertising Many Apps(especially mobile apps) carry pay-per-click advertising. Whilst this works in the Consumer space it doesn’t go down well in Enterprise.

Step 4

Keep your life. Many potential Appreneurs think that the role must involve working in a seat filled office 23 hours a day. Not so. You can work remotely, automate and use technology – Skype for meetings and Basecamp for project management. You can assign roles to your team and outsource accountancy and a PA. You can even outsource support for your App. There’s no reason for you to need anything more than your smartphone to run your business.

Step 5

You don’t need to be a developer or programmer.
There are many outfits that you can outsource development to. And long gone are the days when code was hidden and only the guy that wrote it can tell you what it does. In most environments today configuration is the key and where coding is required – self documenting. You will need to brush up on your project management skills though as that will be your primary operational duty.

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