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The CRM strategy

Customer Relationship Management isn’t about software; it’s a strategy. The way you manage the relationship with your current and future customers has become the number one issue for companies of all sizes. As the world of choice increases and the growing number of the disappointed voting with their feet continues, never has this subject been more important.

There are many issues to think about:

  • Do you treat prospects and customers in the same way?
  • How do you reward loyalty?
  • What do your customers/prospects think or say about you?
  • What does your ideal customer look like?
  • What should you do with problem customers?
  • Where can you fine and engage with your prospects?
  • How does your staff view your prospects and customers?

CRM software is the implementation and monitoring of the actions you take having thought about all of these issues and what’s more CRM provides the insight on the results of your decisions. Salesforce CRM doesn’t lock these decisions in and allows you to realise a mistake has been made. Issues and opportunities that weren’t thought about or didn’t even exist can be quickly and comprehensively addressed. We call this actionable insight.


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