Is the Quick Start Program right for you?

The Salesforce® CRM Quick Start program is targeted to SME companies, new to Salesforce Sales Cloud. It can also be used as a re-start where the situation requires it. We can only accommodate up to 10 people on any quickstart program but it can be delivered on-site, off-site or online. You need to be on Salesforce Professional Edition or higher.

About the Salesforce® Quick Start Program

We created this program to help SME companies who are new to Salesforce® to get started up and running as quickly as possible and with a solid foundation to work from. Within the QuickStart Program Consleague will guide companies through implementation, configuration, website integration, sales processes, data migration, reports, dashboards, adoption and training. QuickStarts are of 5 days duration and afterwards wan be combined with ongoing help from Consleague via our Coverall offering.

Consleague will configure the Salesforce® Org for your company, with an application specific to your business and a level of complexity to match your needs. Our Quick Start service provides your business with everything you need to get Salesforce implemented quickly, and our Coverall service keeps your Salesforce® application running smoothly. We are an official Cloud Alliance Partner and our consultants have the experience to help you maximize your investment in customer relationship management.

Key Program Benefits

  • A bespoke Salesforce solution in a short period of time
  • A road map to help your organization meet your management needs
  • Knowledge transfer and best practices

Low risk low cost

Program Deliverables

  • Up and running in 1 week
  • End-user centric training, you are able to operate on your own when we leave
  • Best practices gleaned from over 100 implementations
  • Insight, - reporting, charts and dashboards and linked to your key business goals
  • A solid foundation from which you can further build or adapt as needed
  • Fixed price engagement with a clearly defined scope and set of deliverables

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