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We at Consleague provide unparalleled guidance, assistance and support on an ongoing basis to ensure your customer relationship management (CRM) project is a success.


We help you grow, innovate and evolve as you navigate through technology, choices and vast amount of content of the Salesforce world.


We give mid-market and SME organisations fast time-to-value, agility and flexibility, insight and best practices so you are up and running quickly.

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Guidance, assistance and support

Panic can set in at any stage with Salesforce CRM :

  • Before implementation : Are you sure that you have covered all the bases? Do you have a thorough understanding of how you are going to transform your business? Is your plan up to scratch and does it cover post-implementation and additional phases?
  • During implementation : Do you have a good handle on how it's going? Have you cleansed all of your data and are all your users motivated and trained? Have you got all the required reports and dashboards up and running? Did you review your progress against the plan? Are there any changes?
  • Post implementation : How have things improved? Have you built in the required framework to measure improvements? Can you evidence it and show KPI's, trends and success? Are all of your employees collaborating and sharing insight and know-how? What are you planning to do next? Are there any issues that you haven't resolved? How quickly can you fix those issues?

We remove panic and stress by helping you through all stages. From the outset, we help you determine if Salesforce is a good fit for your organisation. If so, which edition(s) are appropriate. We work with you on your plan giving best practice advice gleamed from hundreds of projects. We prevent you going down blind alleys and help you remove unnecessary clutter.

During your implementation we help you stay on track and give inputs on the most frequently used metrics, reports and dashboards. We automate that which makes sense helping you minimize effort whilst maximizing productivity.

Post implementation we'll still be there, you can ask us anything and you won't feel that you are alone. There's lots to learn in the world of Salesforce and it never stops. We don't expect you to become experts - that's our job. It's also our job to support you after implementation and guide you through the next phases.

Grow, innovate and evolve

Salesforce is always delivered using a cloud based software as a service model(SaaS). This model applies to Salesforce world leading CRM and other cloud applications or any other application that may have been developed by an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) or indeed your own company.

Key to the SaaS model is scalability. You can grow - without having to plan for how your IT infrastructure will cope. However, growth can mean more than an increase in headcount and licenses. You can grow revenue, grow productivity and grow capability. What's great is that you can change and innovate to grow. Change your business model, bring new products and services to market, find new markets.


"Consleague helped us navigate safely through the myriad of choices and options we were faced with. We saved thousands of pounds by choosing the right edition."

Director - Image processing company

"As a startup we knew what we wanted to do and wanted to deploy best-of-breed CRM. But we didn't have the time or the skills to be able to translate our vision into Salesforce technology.
Consleague did that very succesfully"

Owner Membership orgnisation

"Consleague had the same skills and experience as other bigger outfits but gave far better value for money"

Sales Director Manufacturing company

"We needed someone to take on our SF deployment and understand it intimately. Consleague did exactly that"

CRM manager - Media company

"We decided to outsource our Salesforce development and support. We wanted aggressive SLA's which to this day Consleague have met. I would give them a reference any time"

Partner Manager - Professional Services